Personality Diagnostics

For You

Have you ever wondered why you get on with some people more than you do with others? What would you do differently if you knew more about your own behaviour profile…

  • improve your relationships at work and home?
  • understand more about what motivates you?
  • learn how to communicate with others more effectively?
  • gain a greater understanding of what type of work might suit you?

Not everyone is the same…which is good news…what is even better is that by understanding what makes you tick you can improve the way in which you interact with others at home or at work.

By increasing your SELF awareness you can increase the choices available to you.

At insight4 we use the DISC personality profiling system produced by an online questionnaire which you complete and submit. We send you a report compiled from your responses. To support this further we offer a one to one session to help you get more out of your profile and plan your next steps with confidence.

For the team:

The power of SELF awareness can be magnified as a team increase their COLLECTIVE awareness.

Our workshops create:

  • A common language
  • Shared Experience
  • Improved Performance
  • Increased Motivation
  • Enhanced collaboration and cooperation
  • Increased understanding of organisational direction and individual contribution

By recognising how our styles complement each other we can devise strategies for managing our team relationships and reduce the occurrence of conflict.

DISC profiling has enabled Avalon Leisure to genuinely understand it’s management team. By improving internal communication the management team have become more efficient and productivity has risen. It has also helped place the right person in the right role and I look forward to the continued impact the DISC profiles have on the rest of the service.
Rob Taylor
Operationas Manager, Avalon Leisure