Leadership Development


We offer transformational bespoke programmes to deliver high impact and sustainable results.

One of the fundamental differences with respect to the leadership development programmes that we offer is that we recognise that traditional hierarchical organisations are becoming a thing of the past if not in terms of the organisational chart, then certainly in terms of how people need to operate differently to achieve success. Cross boundary and cross partnership working are the norm for the organisations we work with. As a result the traditional approach to leadership development delivered by many organisations is now outdated.

Our approach is different.

We know that new skill sets are required, new behaviours need to be adopted and a more agile, resourceful, self-responsible and self-motivated workforce enabled to succeed.

We do not have a range of ‘off the shelf’ leadership programmes preferring to co-design and create a solution with each of our clients. These solutions are underpinned by one of the most cutting edge leadership development approaches available: The Matrix and Complex Environment™ (MaCE) Leadership programme.

Specifically designed for organisations where functional hierarchies (silos) have become less defined and individual’s goals, objectives and their management reporting lines have become more complex.
Workshops created are underpinned by the seven key capability areas and build capacity, capability and resilience in areas that impact directly on performance:

Matrix and Complex Environment™ diagram
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The Matrix and Complex Environment™ (MaCE) Leadership programme is a licensed product used with authorisation by the Matrix Co Ltd.