Executive Coaching

protect-450594__1801:1 coaching provides a confidential space for leaders to explore new approaches, unravel challenges and issues, create options for change and ‘try on’ new behaviours. Coaching can have a profound effect on your success and transform both your personal and professional life. It will also positively impact on your organisation.

Our coaching interventions will help you to unlock the creativity you need to harness new approaches. Many of our clients offer coaching to their teams as part of a Leadership Development programme to support and embed the learning of new skills, behaviours and attitudes within the workplace. Recent research points out the huge benefits of coaching particularly at times of organisational change.

As you might imagine the techniques and methods used within each coaching programme are tailored specifically to our client’s needs. Interventions from a range of specialists may include NLP Techniques, Emotional Intelligence ,Transactional Analysis, Mindful Leadership skills.

All of our sessions commence with psychometric diagnostics such as Myers Briggs, DISC and Leadership 360 degree feedback to support the process.

Our 1:1 coaching programmes run from between 3 to 12 months with each session lasting between 2 and 4 hours.

All of our coaches are professionally trained ( to ILM 7 level or equivalent), undertake ongoing CPD and receive regular supervision.

To discuss how our coaching programmes can support your leadership team through change and transformation contact:

The Coaching Approach

All our coaching interventions are tailored for you and your organisation using a simple three step approach:

1,2,3Step One: We understand your context, the environment in which you work, the views of your key stakeholders and your personal

direction, aims , objectives and outcomes. A personality profile is usually undertaken at this stage to support the coaching and learning process.

Step Two: We establish regular coaching sessions of 2- 4 hours, maintain (and perhaps redirect) focus on agreed outcomes, engage with stakeholders  and review progress.

Step Three: Together we review outcomes and gain clarity regarding results, review coaching process and future proof learning and behaviour changes with an ongoing development plan.

This means that an organisation can be assured that any employee at any stage of change can be effectively supported through to a positive outcome.

To discuss how our coaching programmes can support your leadership team through change and transformation contact us