Some of the feedback about our work…

I have worked with Jenni over the last 5 years and she has been instrumental in helping to change the culture and behaviour of my staff group. Jenni has transformed teams as well as working with individuals. She is very outcome focussed and is responsible for major change. Jenni has helped me to create a more productive and positive workforce.
Maggie Rae, Corporate Director, Wiltshire Council

“I found my coaching sessions with Jenny invaluable for a variety of reasons – a safe place to discuss my work without concerns about professional ‘credibility’ and admitting my concerns and vulnerabilities, an opportunity to be challenged (gently!) on my role as a strategic leader and what that meant to me and finally, the support to help me start to realise my aspirations of being a more strategic leader. This has had clear benefits for me but from an organisational perspective, has also been invaluable to them – I’ve been coming to work more confident, energised and capable to do business.”

Dr Liz Brutus, Consultant in Public Health, Camden and Islington Public Health.

‘I have found the coaching I’ve received from Jenny as part of my personal development whilst at Wiltshire Council invaluable.

It provided me with an opportunity to identify personal goals, objectives and solutions to tackling a variety of issues within my role as we moved into the new organisation following transition from the NHS to the council.

Jenny was able to work with me on some key issues for me around confidence building, leadership and resilience, which have been hugely beneficial and which I’ve used in both my work and personal life.’

Emma Seria-Walker, Public Health Consultant, Wiltshire Council.