Organisations that are most successful have at their heart a workforce who have clarity about their role, are inspired, motivated and have the right skills, resilience and mindsets to deal with whatever change comes their way.

Founded in 2006, Insight4 brings a wealth of expertise to the arena of workplace mindfulness training, leadership and organisational transformation and has at its heart belief in the importance of engaging and supporting your teams so as to equip them for the future.

We recognise that time is precious and pressured for today’s leaders. Whether working in global industries or running a community venture in your local town, finding the head space and stepping away from the constant stream of day to day demands, decisions, distractions and the needs of others is challenging.

And yet, it’s probably one of the most important things you can do.

We offer workplace mindfulness training, executive coaching and practical, experiential skill and behaviour workshops for leaders and their teams who wish to transform their approach to leadership, provide clarity and purpose for their business, improve workplace conversations and learn new ways to achieve sustainable success in today’s demanding workplace environments.

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Insight4 works in partnership with Potential Project the global leader in the provision of Corporate Based Mindfulness Trainings.